EC Photography Giveaway

Well, by winning a couple other people's giveaways, I agreed to do this. Here's the scoop. Out of all the comments left on this post, we will draw 5 names to win an 11X14 print of this:

These are actual silver gelatin prints on fiber based archival paper printed from FILM!! Remember film? So, if you want one, leave a comment and maybe you'll get one. You have until Saturday (the 28th). Oh, and by winning, you agree to have a little giveaway of your own. Good luck!


Fancy Yum

Hot neighbor Michelle is so cool, I've had to mention her two posts IN A ROW! Look what she brought over fresh from her kitchen this weekend. She even color coordinated them to match Bdog's bass. They make me want to shout oh my freakin' heck!


Being Green

For two months I've been forgetting to post this. Here is what we made for a few neighbor gifts at Christmas. The treats were packaged in these baby formula/hot chocolate tins I'd been saving. We covered them with paper as inspired by hot neighbor, Michelle, as seen here.
And these slightly famous buddies were inside: the glorified peanut butter cup...


Hotel Art

We got to stay at The Hard Rock Hotel last week after Bdog's show. Instead of poorly painted landscapes and sailboats, they has these on the walls:

It seriously made me so happy and at home. These were perfect posters for us.


More Neon Trees

I'm sorry if you missed the best show in the world. Neon Trees are now the recipients of the City Weekly Band of the Year award. That means the glory of the title, a little cash, and about 1,000 new fans. And I hear you can see this show on Comcast On Demand. {Wishing we had TV right now.}


Neon News

Go pick up a copy of this week's Salt Lake City Weekly 'cause Neon Trees are on the cover. They're pictured along with The Furs (who will also be playing this Fri. with Ben Kweller) and it looks like this:

You can read the news here.
There is also a very nice article about them in BYU's Daily Universe and you can read it here.


Neon Trees

Thank you everyone who sent in a vote for the Salt Lake CWMA's. Neon Trees did get the most votes (we hear by a landslide). This means they'll be opening for Ben Kweller ($15)
this Friday, Feb. 13th at:

The Depot at The Gateway
13 N 400 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

So wear your 10 gallon hats and spurs. It's gonna be a party.
And for the Vegas folk:

Neon Trees
Tuesday, Feb. 10th
Wasted Space at The Hard Rock Hotel


The Rocker

I'm really surprised at how much I'm loving the movie "The Rocker". I think it's especially funny to me at this newly-signed-band stage of our lives. And I can't stop quoting Fish:

"Some people carry a rabbit's foot...I like to rock a pocket of puke."