Christmas Fun

Happy late Christmas, Internet. We've been in LV for the last week with our families. My whole side of the family stayed at my parents house ALL AT THE SAME TIME. For the first time, EVER. We had every couch, bed and floor covered with bodies and it was awesome. I loved it. Christmas in Vegas was fun.

But it's great to be home. We love Utah. Utah is gorgeous and I love driving here from LV. I love living in the mountains, even if there is 10 inches of snow at our house. It's great.

And I forgot to post this when Bdog got back from SF: Whenever he's been out of town for a while, when he gets home...he does this:


Dawn Durell Bags

I accidentally forgot to make this post about 3 months ago. I've finally initiated this new project...Dawn Durell Bags. These bags are made ENTIRELY from vintage/used-clothes/fabrics/linens. They are so green, they warrant a green printed label. So, here are a few. They're available for $30 and there are many more prints where these came from. Email me or leave a comment for details or with questions.

Dawn Durell Totes: app. 13 in. W X 12 in. H


Michael Workman at The Bridge Academy

Hey all you painters & art lovers, Michael Workman, one of the nations most celebrated landscape painters will be sharing his career stories and artist insights with us at the Bridge Academy this Friday. All are welcome.

Friday, Dec 19th - 6 p.m.
The Bridge Academy of Art
148 w 600 s Provo



Rock 'n Roll Love

Forget favorite lyrics tonight. I have to write this down while I'm still geekin' out about it. As everyone knows (cause I can't stop complaining about it) Neon Trees are opening for The Killers tonight in San Francisco and I am not there. But, both my sisters are (another thing I can't stop complaining about...so not fair...refer to The Daily Uncool).

Anyway, this morning, my parents were here at my house on their way to my sister's house to watch her kids while she attends said show. Again, refer to The Daily Uncool. So, I wrote Bdog a love letter, gave it to my mom to give to my sister to give to Bdog tonight before the show. Well, she didn't get to see him before he went on stage, so she threw it up on stage for him. And he got it.

So, tonight, as Bdog was playing in front of 2,300 people at The Warfield, he had to bend over and pick up my love letter with our daughter's autograph on the front. Bomb dig.


Skyrockets in flight...

Oh Internet, Bdog is the one who posted Afternoon Delight, unbeknownst to me. And I love him for it. Though he didn't include my favorite line of "Skyrockets in flight".

And here's today's fave...it reminds me of standing night watch at 3:00 a.m. while I was part of the crew on The Brig Pilgrim when I was 10 yrs. old. One of the coolest experiences of my whole entire life...

We sail today
Tears will drown in the wake of delight
There's nothing like this built today
You'll never see a finer ship in your life

Along the way
The sea will crowd us with lovers at night
There's nothing like this built today
You'll never see a finer ship
Or receive a better tip in your life

White goddess, red goddess,
Black temptress of the sea, you treat me right
Black goddess, red goddess,
White temptress of the sea, you treat me right
White goddess, red goddess
Oh my love, we are sailing to Norway
Black temptress of the sea, you treat me right
Oh my love, we are leaving tonight
Black goddess, red goddess
Oh my love, we are sailing to Norway
White temptress of the sea, you treat me right
Oh my love, we are leaving tonight
White temptress of the sea, you treat me right


And music is my girlfriend...

Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight
gonna grab some...
My motto's always been; when it's right, it's right.
Why wait until the middle of a cold dark night.
When everything's a little clearer in the light of day.
And you know the night is always gonna be there anyway.

Anyone know this one??


Music is my boyfriend...

This is the week of favorite song lyrics. These luscious little bits of songs are like beloved poems to me. Here's today's fave:

In the deepest parts of ourselves
We keep the dark in,
We keep the dark in.

But if you trust me standing here,
You'll find there's no need to whisper,
You'll find there's no need to whisper.

Anyone know it? Do you? Do you?


Happy Birthday Daddy

Katie and I are busy making sneaky birthday preparations for tomorrow. We just wanted to remind the world that tomorrow is Bdog's birthday and that he's the coolest.


Hello Katie

Katie got this little Hello Kitty out of a gumball machine last week. She was wiggin' out about it and so stoked to give it to me. It's my favorite office fixture now.


Turkey Day

This might be my most favorite part of all the Thanksgiving day foods: the turkey/cranberry sandwich on mom's homemade rolls the next morning for breakfast. Hope everyone had a great holiday. We have so much to be thankful for!!!
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Neon Trees

I'm really sorry if you missed this super awesome show: Night 2 of Cowboys & Indies 3...


More Family Portraits

Here is the hot Hoffman family. Michele is the bomb. She IS The Daily Cool today. And not just because she's super hot and makes great pictures for me to brag about....she and Paul know why....but it's also because she reminds me so much of my big sister, Liz.


Neon Trees

Hey world, don't forget Neon Trees this Saturday the 22nd at Cowboy's & Indies 3


135 N. University Ave. - Provo
Doors at 8:00 p.m.
{Be there before it's sold out}

Also starring:
Devil Whale
Location Location
Desert Noises


Gas Relief (not Rolaids)

Gas is $1.99. It's almost too good to be true. Now if we could just harvest some U.S. oil, we could even split that in half!!! Well, considering "the results" of the 4th, I guess I won't hold my breath.


Family Portraits

I love these little Hurtado turkeys. Even when they won't look at me or smile, they're still cute.


We won an award. How cool is that... We are the proud recipients of the Uber Amazing Blog Award. It was graciously bestowed upon us by a fellow blogstalker,
Christine Mecham, and here's what she had to say:

The daily cool. This little Utah gal is the daughter of one of my closest pals. I love everything about her blog. She is witty, she is creative, she takes the best pictures and her husband is a rock star. Really.

Lovin' it. Lovin' letting too much time slip away stalking everyone's blog. Thanks Christine!


Disco Skating

I've been meaning to post this for 2 weeks. We had a sweet Disco Skating reunion a couple Saturday's ago. Sooo much fun. And sooo many good memories.

Kaerlig and I definitely have a brain cloud. It was in full force yesterday when she made a total nostalgic, memoir post about Disco Skating from our previous life. It was literally WHILE I was sorting through these disco pictures picking the finalists. The brain cloud must have been strong 'cause I spent half the day looking for the scarf she gave me for my birthday a few years ago. It's part of my winter uniform and I can't be seen in the snow without it. See her awesome post HERE (Shenay and Mandy, you are in these pics...go see her blog!)