Photo Of The Day

Look at this totally cool pic that Carleen's sister took:
I wish I took it.


Mother Hips

You know where I'll be this Saturday...watching one of my
happy asleep dreams but I'll be awake:

Mother Hips + outside + mountains +
friends + free - smokey bar = This Is Where I Belong

At The Canyons in PC at 6:00

remember when I used to take lots of pictures of The Hips?

But not as many as Jared D.


Timpanogos Cave National Monument

Two days ago, on a whim, I decided to take Miss Katie & Baby Connor to hike Timpanogos Cave. It is no easy hike, especially with 30 extra pounds of Baby Man on your previously surgically corrected spine. Katie had no problem of course, she never broke a sweat. That may be partly due to the fact that we hiked in the rain.

You can't enter the cave unless you're on a tour, which we were, and it takes a long time to get through it all. I HAD NO IDEA HOW AWESOME THIS PLACE IS. I've lived in UT for 16 years and this was my first time to the cave. It's literally 8 or 9 minutes from my house. IT IS INCREDIBLE. I can't get over how awesome it was. So much cooler than I expected. It's full of helictites:

This is "The Heart of Timpanogos". It's over 5 feet long and weighs 2 tons:

And here is the view from the cave exit. You can see Cedar Hills:

And this is what we saw on the trail on the way down. Yeah, it's a rattlesnake:

I'm going to try to go up again in the next week or so. They'll be closed for the season in about a month so I gotta get on it.


Taylor-Belliston Wedding

Here are some shots from Justin & Sunny's wedding. It was a blast and I can't deal with Sunny's gorgeousness.

And there was a serious party happening that night:

Yes, this is Sunny spanking Bustin:

And there were lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of HOMIES there. SOOOOO many homies. Millions of homies:

I had fun. Even though my feet were swollen the next day. And I'm glad I got to shoot their wedding. And I'm glad that Candace helped, 'cause that was the bomb. Justin seriously scored. That's all I can say. West side!