Sweet Dreams Club

I recently found all the documents of the Sweet Dreams Club. This is a club my big sister started in 1983. She and I were the only members, along with our cat Tigger. You can see on the "role" card that the dates span from 1983-1985. She kept this going for a long time. Here are only a few of the many cards we had. Other cards include the "did" card, which is still blank; The "dues" card which shows that I brought 20 cents and my sister brought gum; The "people we visited" card; and the "outside activities with due money" card = walking to 711, getting Macayo chips, and going shopping at places around Lucky's. My favorite card shown here is the membership card which once included a friend who got the White-Out.....


New Kitchen

After saying I was going to do it for 2+ years, I finally painted the kitchen. And, though I might be semi-famous for my super-human taping abilities, this might be the finest masking job I ever did. If you weren't lucky enough to ever see the wallpaper that was here when we moved in, click HERE.



More Rock 'n Roll Dreams

Last night was one of the best r 'n r dreams ever. I dreamt that Branden was playing some festival somewhere and we had to fly there. As we got off the plane at the airport in the unknown city, Neil Young was there and we met him and ended up hanging out with him all day. He said how cool it would be if him and Branden could do a few songs together, just the two of them. And also that he would need me to sing with him. Omigosh, we were freaking out in the dream. So the next day, Branden was playing Tonight's The Night with him while I waited on the side. Just then, Eric Clapton walked across the stage with 10 or so kids. Neil got really mad and stormed off stage....[the only part of my dream that could actually happen in real life.] But it was all good 'cause my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Zeleski, got some cupcakes to coax him back on stage. While I was waiting for him to come back for my turn to sing, I hung out with Robert De Niro, George Lucas, and Dan Aykroyd. I kept telling them how much I loved Neil and how excited I was to sing with him. I waited and waited. Then I woke up.


New Blog

Here is the alter ego of The Daily Cool. Check it out....



Pizzeria 712

Other pizza in the world has no business existing. Every pizza should taste just like this. Danny Hurley took me on a date here last week. Pizzeria 712 is the Settabello of Utah County, only better. I was bummed when there wasn't Caprese on the menu, but they SO made up for it in beet & goat cheese salad (one of my favorite things in the whole wide world). It's in the middle of the giant yellow monstrosity on State St. in Orem.



Here are 2 recent works from an up and coming modern artist. She's very dedicated. A new piece every day. Know who?

And we're not telling who had the Justin Timberlake dream. You'll just have to wonder. Oh, so mysterious.


Cool Dream

Last night I dreamt that I was Justin Timberlake's new bass player. The uncool thing was, I only had 2 hrs. to prepare for a show so he gave me a shot of steroids. Like that would help or something. So weird and awesome.


New Earrings

Please don't make fun of me when you see me wearing them every single day. I can't help it. I just love them. AND THANK YOU VICKI FOR THE EARRINGS!


Bloodsucking Timesucker

Damn you Lisa Vannucci. Aside from Herman Hesse and some select C.S. Lewis, I NEVER...I mean NEVER read fiction. Then Lisa told me to stop being snobby and just read Twilight. So I did. In one day. Then I read the next one. In less than one day (today). And they're really good. She was right. And in my mind Bella Swan is Ellen Page from Juno. She's totally her, Juno sarcasm included, and I'm really bitter that she won't be playing her in the movie. The End.


Crafty craft

Here's the results of today's creative endeavor as instructed by the 5 yr. old teacher.