Summer, Don't Go

What we made with dinner the other night might be the most delicious thing in the whole wide world. Brown sugar does amazing things on the grill...

Things We Get From Superfans

A tiny bit creepy, but a lot bit cool...Christmas ornaments with Bdog's face on them:


This Girl

Yep, this is one of the few posts where I get a little personal. Indulge me. This is Mandy. My very first BFF. I've been thinking about her all week. And here's why:

Years ago...1996 I think, I was in Santa Monica visiting Liz. Of course I was there visiting Mandy too. Mandy and I have a long history of beach trips together and this day was no different. We went to Venice this day. I don't remember much about the day other than lunch. We decided to grab something cheap and quick at a hot dog dive along the boardwalk. It wasn't very busy, about half full of people. There was a man in a wheel chair trying kind-of unsuccessfully to eat his hot dog. It seemed like he was o.k. mentally, but he had a really hard time talking and his hands and mouth weren't working too well. He had mustard all over his face, even down his arm. He was really struggling. People were noticing his distress.

During this, he wheeled over to the counter and was trying to communicate to the worker that he wanted to buy another hot dog. The dude at the counter could not understand him. He kept trying to explain himself but it wasn't working. Mandy knew what he wanted and walked over to him, got his money out of his pocket for him, and bought his hot dog.

Then, she wiped the mustard off his face and arm and FED HIM his 2nd dog. Everyone watched her like they were watching a movie. I can't believe we didn't all stand on our tables and give her a 10 minute applause. It was one of the most self-less, truly Christian acts I've seen. She was my idol that day and I always remember that. I actually think of that sometimes when I take the sacrament on Sundays and promise to be "willing to take upon them [me] the name of thy Son, and always remember Him".

I've been thinking about this a lot because we have had a very special assignment this week in our young women's class at church. We have been helping at the Utah State Developmental Center. This is a group home for severely mentally and physically disabled people. Most of them do not walk or communicate. They are drooly and stinky and absolutely fantastic. We had a wheel chair dance with one group last night and we actually got some smiles. Which isn't easy. I've loved going there and we've got 2 more dates with them. It's a great experience to be there. They really are angels.

Everyone should at one time volunteer in a place like this. Or, volunteer in a hot dog joint some time to help someone in need, or on the street, or in the mall, or at Target. Wherever you are. Like Dieter F. said, "lift where you stand."


Neon Trees

Everyone keeps asking me about the Neon Trees accoustic show this Sat. HERE ARE THE DETAILS:

They are playing at Thanksgiving Point (Electric Park) as part of The Candlelight Serenade which is a benefit for Child Rescue. The benefit goes all day (10 a.m. to 11 p.m.) Here is the band schedule:

11:00 Fictionist
11:45 Making April
12:45 Third Eye Blind
2:00 Sherwood
3:00 Steel Train
4:00 Priscilla Ahn
4:45 Allred
5:45 Vedera
7:45 Relient K
9:00 Nick Hexum of 311
10:00 Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional

This is an outdoor, accoustic show. So bring a blanket. Tickets are not cheap, as this is a fundraiser featuring 12 bands. The festival also includes:
  • vendors with food from around the world
  • sponsor giveaways
  • Sports Zone with skate park
  • Kid Play Zone
  • massive sand box pit
  • carnival entertainment
  • petting zoo
  • rock climbing wall
  • art displays...
  • Neon Trees :)

Tickets are $40 ($35 at Costa Vida) and children under 5 yrs. are free. You can see even more info here: CandlelightSerenade.com


Car For Sale

We are finally ready to sell our favorite car. Here are the specs:

1998 Ford Contour LX/Sport/4 door
Greyish color
4 Cylinder
Automatic transmission
Power locks/windows/steering
Air Conditioning
Cruise Control
Alpine CD player with iPod hookup - GREAT SOUND SYSTEM
Dual air bags
194,326 miles
Everthing works.

And the best feature is the one-of-a-kind Neil Young University sticker on the back window :)

We've been the only owners of this car. It's had no accidents. It's been around the block a few times and doesn't ride as smooth as it used to, but it's definitely got some life left in it. It's been a great car. The only really ugly part is a minor munch over the front driver's wheel well. Someone back into in once while it was parked. The Kelley Blue Book value is 1,025. We're asking $999 OBO.

Let me know if you're interested!!


Lollapalooza 2010

I'm going to try to post my favorite shots of the weekend. Though I may fail...'cause I have that thing. You know...that rule where I can't spend more than 10 minutes on a post. And I'd like to post almost all of the 800ish shots I took. So, I may fail at posting my favorites. And these are in no kind of order. I'm not even going to deal with that. And it was the best weekend ever. EVER.

My hot, hot husband:
Lolla at night:
The Strokes:
Ga Ga:

Bdog on the bridge:
BMI after party:
Interviews galore:
BMI Stage:

At night:



In the day:

Kaskade (Ryan):

Me & Perry:

Green Day:

I have cancelled my trip tomorrow. I. AM. TOO. TIRED.


Potty Time

Katie has decided that she needed to add her own reading material to our stack of books & mags in the water closet. It cracked me up to see her books there among all the rock 'n roll mags. Is this considered a rite of passage? Or milestone or something?



O.K. Internet. I need your help again. We have another kitten that needs a home. She's beautiful, sweet and smells nice. Any takers?