I won this on an awesome blog giveaway on The Cotton Floozy. She makes some seriously bitchin' stuff.


My Picture Show

There is so much news to be stoked about. Our benefit concert was fantastic and I wish I could thank every person individually for helping, coming, rocking out, spreading the word...all that. We raised over $20K for GIANT Steps and that makes me happy. We left town after the concert for LA for Jay Leno, Ellen, The Troubadour show...now the band is in NYC for shows, VH1 stuff, Fuse stuff, The Today Show, then off on tour. Picture Show is out today and it's already in the iTunes Alternative top 10. All very good things. Busy is good.

Connor is making amazing noises lately. He's making consonant sounds and being extremely vocal. I love it. Whenever he makes new or unusual sounds, my ears perk up and time kinda stops. I have to drop everything and just listen and love it. He went to school today after his time home for spring break. He was very excited to get on the bus. But I miss him already and it's only 10 a.m.

After waiting about 6 years, we are FINALLY getting new back doors installed. It's a miracle. No more snow, wind or rain through our fake french doors, ruining our floor. This makes me so happy.

I have a lot to celebrate today. But instead I'm cleaning up a lot of broken things (thank you Connor), and a lot of extreme messes (thank you Katie), some stinky stuff (thank you Lucy) and A SHLOAD of laundry (thank you Bdog). I want to be in a great mood, but the morning show down getting Katie out the door this morning was brutal. I was a total a-hole. I think I'll pick her up for lunch to smooth things over. Is there anything worse than sending your 3rd grader to school in tears? I'm sure I could keep my cool better if she did the things she needs to do on her own, or the first time I ask. Instead she doesn't do anything UNTIL I'M SCREAMING IN HER FACE. This is a problem. Anyone else have that problem? It's a good way to ruin what should be a great day. Have a great day!!!

Here's a piece of Katie's iPad artwork for you to enjoy.


Neon Trees Tix

So, Evonne is the winner. Super stoked if you're coming to the show girl!! Thank you everyone for spreading the word.

Lot's of people have asked me how they can contribute if they can't make the show. There is a place to donate on the Friends Of Giant Steps Website----> FOGS

Also, people have asked about being able to buy the special shirts if they can't come to the show. These...

Here's the deal, we'd like to sell out of these shirts at the show. If there are some availble after, we will have them for sale. There will be tote bags with this design on them too :)

Everyone, come to this. You NEED to come to this.


Neon Trees - Ticket Giveaway

O.K. Fellow Bloggers, Tweeters, Facebookers, emailers, Instagramers, etc. I'm giving away some tickets to the Giant Steps Autism Preschool Benefit Concert featuring this band that I like, Neon Trees.

Please spread the word about this show. Leave a comment here, telling me where/how many times you posted about it. In one week, I will draw a winner. The more ways you spread the word, the more entries. And if you don't live in UT or can't come to this, please do it anyway. I'll include you in the drawing, and maybe some Neon Trees swag of some sort will show up at your door. Tell everyone you know and don't know! Thank you!!

Friends Of Giant Steps Presents
Neon Trees

with special guests The Lower Lights
A concert to benefit Giant Steps Autism Preschool
Saturday, April 7th - 5:00 pm
Mt. View High School Auditorium
665 W. Center St. in Orem
Tickets available at www.24tix.com
Velour Live Music Gallery in Provo
and at all SLC Greywhale Locations



I'm trying to remain cool. But this concert is kicking the life out of me. As is the GAPS diet that Connor is on for seizures. As is my dirty house with parents coming in town tomorrow. Not to mention no hubs this week. So, I need to count some blessings and remember the cool things that are going on around here...

-The concert is happening
-Connor's had a few good days of hardly any seizures
-Everybody Talks is in the iTunes Alternative Top 10
-My parents are coming in town
-Next week is Disneyland with my sisters/rents/kids
-Next week is Jimmy Kimmel (p.s. it will be 2 years minus 24hrs to THE DAY that they first played Kimmel. Which was their first TV appearance. Remember that? I almost threw up that day!!)
-Paul Weller's new album comes out in one week

Also Cool:
This guy

Katie's first time roller skating

She likes to do her homework in Connor's crib

Katie's stuffed animal tower

Connor being soooo good during his neurofeedback session


Love For Autism

This is finally happening...

Saturday, April 7th - 5pm

Mt. View High School Auditorium

665 W. Center St. Orem

Tickets at www.24tix.com

Velour in Provo

All SLC Graywhale Locations


All proceeds go to

Giant Steps Autism Preschool


Baby Connor's School



Last night I dreamt that I replaced Dana Plato on Different Strokes and the show was still running to this day. So awesome. Then, I had another baby. A girl. And I didn't know I was pregnant. The baby just fell out of me. Then, Paul Banks and I were time travellers. And we could breathe under water. It was glorious.


New Kicks

Got these little ladies in the mail today. Yay!!



I thought the Army Jacket color was my new favorite. Then Michele let me use her cute OPI lavender. Now I can't decide. I can't decide.


Army Jacket

Bdog bought this for me last week at American Apparel. Then I used it, and I love it.


Paul Banks

We finally ended up finding a home for sweet, 5 toed Paul Banks. Cute Emily and Aaron adopted him and this is what we found in the mail over Christmas:
This is THE ONE card I will keep forever.



I had the most fantastic dream the other night. We were driving in a parking lot with the kiddos, and kept going over these huge speed bumps. They were really bouncy and Baby Connor loved it. When we were driving out of the lot, Connor said "Daddy, drive on the popsicle sticks again!!!" They were his first words! We were flabbergasted and so enamored by him that he called the bumps "popsicle sticks". I woke up so happy.