Coal Umbrella

Look how cool Provo is. This is Coal Umbrella. It's more than a record store, more than a vintage boutique. My friends Maht and Liz Paulos - together with Jessie and Trevor Huish - have more than I thought up in that store. The custom light switch covers, cool books and calenders, Liz's custom jewelry, a place for Maht's vintage coats (which I always adored while playing music together at the Mathematics Etc... HQ) and of course an all vinyl selection of new records, I love it all. And I can't forget the patch collection. Too much cool stuff to list. Jessie makes the books and puts together the "gold" room while Trevor does all the vinyl - (and does a hell of a job i'd say). Just go there! And buy something. Come support locally owned businesses in downtown P-town. It's at 157 N. University Ave.


Melissa Peck

Here is another amazing artist. She's a friend of the illustrious BUSTIN TAYLOR. She's MELISSA PECK and her work is just plain rad. Rad, rad, rad. Go see more of her work on her site and info on shows. I love it.


Favorite Things

Here is a little tin box that Kaerlig gave me for my birthday 15 years ago. I still have it 'cause I'm a psycho over things that are blue and white. It's sits in my office now where I look at it every day. I love it because not only is it a present from my lover Luchessie, but also 'cause it matches my grandma's dishes that I now own.


Cool Moms

I had a rock climbing adventure last night with some ladies from the hood. It was so fun and we're all AWESOME. We totally want monthly memberships now.



I wanted one of these so bad when they were for sale. I'm too late. I wanted it not only because it's a totally cool umbrella, but mostly because I love Paul Weller so much. I wish he was my uncle. Maybe I can buy this one from Noel Gallagher.



It's been 10 years since I last read this. It's as good this time as the first. I love it, love it.


Simple...Stitch It Shoes

I don't know what's cooler....making your own shoes, or the music on the instruction video. Anyone have a pair of these? See it here.


Flight Of The Conchords

I know everyone in the world is obsessed with this show. And rightfully so...but are you as obsessed as Branden Campbell? So obsessed that while on our Wonderful Wilco Weekend in Denver, he politely declined an invitation by John Stirrat himself to stay longer at the after party and hang with the band? "No thanks," he said. "We're gonna head back to the hotel and catch Flight Of The Conchords. It's the last episode. Have you seen it?"

We laughed at Bdog the rest of the night for saying that. And also laughed while watching the show. Then it was business time.



The Thanks They Get

Don't get me wrong, I love Dave Grohl and he's great and he holds a special little Nirvana place in my heart. But why in the world wide web would they give the grammy to the Foo's and not to Wilco? After all, isn't it supposed to be for the BEST album? There's not a Wilco album that I don't love, but Sky Blue Sky stands apart. Get it if you don't have it already. Go HERE. Wilco is so unappreciated by the world. It's a crying shame that they don't know what they're missing.



I still can't believe this is real. Thank you Danny Hurley for keeping us up on hip feline fashion.


Bjorn Press

For all your letterpress needs, visit our friend Bryce. His work is amazing. {Because as we all know, having things pressed is a NECESSITY...not a luxury.}


Rock 'n Roll

Sat. night Em and I watched a sweet rock show from the v.i.p. loft at the Avalon Theatre.
Louis XIV - (a.k.a. Convoy II) They define the rock 'n roll band. They live it, they sweat it, they play it.
Hot Hot Heat - A great sing along band. The crowd was singing louder than the band at times. Very fun to watch. These guys have been around for a while now and deserve that kind of crowd.
Editors - Tight, tight, tight. Their sound was dialed in. Sonically they were great. They were a little darker than the other bands. If you like Joy Division or Interpol, check these dudes out.

But the best part was when Ronnie said, "Be right back." Then 1 minute later Louis XIV introduced him and he came out on stage to play guitar with them. Awesome.


This Movie

Em and I have been watching this over the last few days. It's 4 hours long, so we had to spread it out..but it's totally addicting! This band is truely one of the greatest - EVER. This is a must see for any fan of rock 'n rolll. Some of my highlights: Mike Campbell's Rickenbacker electric mandolin; The beautiful collection of Gretsch guitars used during the Traveling Wilburys sessions; and Dave Grohl drumming with the Heartbreakers on SNL. And for the record, I think Echo is a great album. "Free Girl Now" and "Swingin" are some of my all-time fav Heartbreakers songs.

Em's highlights: Hearing Tom Petty say he get's Roy Orbison's autograph everyday; Remembering that Jimmy Iovine always sounds like he's on an SNL skit; And realizing that Tim Bluhm and Greg Loiacono do a better job singing Stories We Could Tell. She's addicted to Tom Petty again.