Mr. Jones

Kgordee is the coolest today. Last night he spent 2 hours alone watching four crazy kids, two of which were mine, while I went on a girl date. He even changed diapers. To see what else he's cool for, go here or here.


Pretty Cards

Here are some fancy cards with gold envelopes I picked up somewhere in CA. I don't want to write on them. I just want to stare at them and take their portrait.



This is currently my favorite piece of bling. Branden bought this for me in NYC. I can finally wear it again without it leaving little marks on my wrist. My epidural must have finally wore off :)


Hot Pics

Here are the winning pics of Thursday night's shoot. As far as good subject matter goes, Neon Trees always deliver...


More Neon Trees

Neon Trees in UT today on Fox 13 - 5:00 p.m. news [sometime in the 5:00 hr. Don't know when.]
Show at Velour tonight.
Tomorrow early, early morning on CBS [KUTV] News 2.

Watch. & enjoy.


Bulgarian Pottery

Oh, how I love domino magazine. Almost everything in it is awesome. Imagine my delight as I thumbed through May's issue and found a spread on the loveliness of Bulgarian pottery. I've been using/displaying my own Bulgarian pottery for 10 years now. It's practically the only thing I brought home from my mission...aside from a rare case of recurring pertussis and an aversion to jogging suits. My mom and dad helped me backpack a shlode of this home. Here are just a couple pieces from my collection:

and the pieces from domino:


Neon Trees

Neon Trees - Thursday, May 22
Velour - 135 N. University Ave. - Provo
Sometime around 10:00 p.m.


In The Bathroom

Some people have magazines or books....17 yr. old little brother has Rubik's cube.


Mother's Day

Sunday was the best mother's day ever. I slept 'til an embarrassingly late hour, had no kids to watch, and got to go to the beach. It was awesome.


Seniors Rule!

Yesterday I did graduation photos for 17 yr. old little brother. He's pretty hot. Even for a jock.



Oh, L.A. How I've missed you.


You Can't Go Wrong w/ Free Burritos

So at the Del Taco here, all the receipts have a coupon on the back for a free 1/2 pound bean and cheese burrito. And, when you get your free burrito they give you another receipt, with another coupon on the back. This has become a Neon Trees staple for sure. My closest peeps know I love tacos by far, but this is a blessing in disguise right now. Amen for Del Taco!

Fresh Flowers

I have loved these earrings by Sorrelli for three whole years. I think there's one pair left on Earth. Maybe someday....


Popcorn Popping

Spring has finally sprung. No snow expected this week. It's a Christmas miracle.



Here is something I learned about from the lovely Natalie V., artist extraordinarre. It's Art-O-Mat. It's completely awesome and I aspire to someday be an Art-O-Mat artist.