Here is the latest creative endeavor by our friend Sir Court Godfrey of The Nessie Alliance. These are the coolest thing you could ever order for yourself or for a gift. Everything is made from vintage neck ties. It's the Narwhal Company. So cool.


These Guys

Bdog and Marcus unveiled their latest project at Sundance over the weekend. Here is my favorite quote from Bdog: "Well, we were naked. Everyone saw us naked. It's all out there now and we got nothin' to hide". They were great. And hot.


This Guy

We love him. Gordon B. Hinckley.



Could it be possible that by the time I'm 40, "dude" will no longer be the #1 word used in my vocabulary? Or should I just celebrate it with jewelry? I love this necklace. {White Trash Charms - though most everything else on the site really is white trash}



Some time ago, we were able to score a huge box of vintage postcards from an estate. There are probably over 1,000 cards, almost all unused, and in perfect condition. Each one is a framable work of art. We're framing a few of places that are significant to us, and don't really know what to do with the rest. We know they're worth a bit of money. Anyone a vintage postcard dealer? Just look at them. I wish they were all poster size. These are from Germany, Japan, and of course, L.A.


This Place

This is the Channel Road Inn where Em & I stayed on our honeymoon. It's a B&B in Santa Monica by Liz's house. They had warm chocolate chip cookies waiting for us in our room (w/ a congrats note that had our names spelled right!!) and Aveda products in the bathroom. The breakfast was awesome, they even remembered what kind of yogurt I liked the rest of the time we were there. Our room had a balcony w/ an ocean view. They have beach cruisers you can use to hit the bike path on the beach, videos to watch in your room, a sweet hot tub and afternoon cheese and wine (we opted for the lemonade). We've been wanting to go back ever since.


The Office

Yes, the TV show is beyond cool, but that's not what I'm talking about. I've had numerous emails, comments even phone calls about this pic. YES, it really is my office. NO, I didn't paint the clock and I'm not going to. AND, the reason the office is so clean is because this photo was taken 4 months ago (before the workflow increased again) and because it was for a submission to Domino Magazine for some thang they were having on home decor. Didn't go anywhere.

As for today's dose of cool. Refer to the afore mentioned TV show and magazine.

And p.s. All the artwork on the main wall was done by friends (and Katie). We're always taking submissions :)

And I shall give credit where credit is due:
Thank you mom for helping make the curtains. Wait, no. Thank you for making the curtains without any help whatsoever.
Thank you dad for spraying the chandelier with me and wiring it back up.
Thank you mom & dad for the awesome clock.
Thank you Elin for painting the room with me.
Thank you Vicki for the table I was able to PAINT BLACK.
Thank you Layla Grayce for the chairs and fabric on trade.
And Thank you Natalie Vaieland, Katie, Leslie and John Telford for the lovely artwork. And me too :)


This Guy

Everyone should know about Justin Taylor artist extraordinaire. You want him to paint awesome portraits for you. I wish I could commission him to paint Neil Young and me on the porch of Broken Arrow Ranch. Here he is and here's one of his portraits below. Enjoy.



I closed the book on the Pearl Jam chapter of my life in '95. I didn't know if I'd ever hang out with Eddie Vedder again. Oh, we are SO hanging out again. We're full on BFGF.


This Song Lyric

I've been alive forever

And I wrote the very first song

You all should know it. Do you? Do you?


This Guy

Look at him. Here he is painting one of the princess' nails at Katie's birthday party. This is right after he fed baby BooDog. What could be cooler than this??


Paint It Black - Or, Time Is On My Side :)

My parents recently gave me this clock. They got it as a wedding gift 42 years ago. It hung on our dining room wall my whole life growing up, until now that it graces my office. I was going to spray paint it black (as seen in the pic of the office below - to match the chandelier I painted), but my dad keeps making fun of me that everything in our whole house is painted black. He keeps saying we're goth. But really we just like The Rolling Stones a lot, that's all.


Pizza Pizza

If you have not yet eaten here, stop whatever you are doing and go right now. Hurry up. There's probably a wait. 260 South 200 West SLC.


Bdog's Picks

Everyday I find these scattered around the house in the most bizarre places. A couple weeks ago I pulled one out of the shower drain. He's so rock 'n roll.