Rosebud Salve

This is currently my favorite thing in the world. I used it at my sister Liz's house over spring break and got a little obsessed with it, so she bought me my own. It totally smells like something from our childhood, but we can't put a finger on it. It smells exactly like something our grandmother had. Maybe it was even this same balm, since it's been around since 1908. It's super yummy and I can't stop using and smelling it.




The men in my life have switched hairstyles. Bdog has finally cut his hair. About 5 INCHES actually. And it's awesome. I love it. And he likes to keep telling people that I can't keep my hands off him now. Which is true. It looks like this:

On the other hand, Baby Connor's hair has had a recent growth spurt and is crazy long. I know he has a total baby mullet but we just can't bring ourselves to cut off his curls! We keep getting comments about it and people think he's a girl, so I want to know what the World Wide Web thinks. Should we cut his wispy, silky curls? Or continue to let his freak flag fly? It looks like this:


Hottest Couple EVER!

I'm sorry, but they are. Julie and her sisters have been my top models since I started the BYU photo program in '98. She's been my guinea pig for every assignment, experiment and test I've ever had. Even when she was just a little teeny girl! Now I get to shoot Julie for her, and not just for me! Plus, I get to shoot her along side her smokin' hot fiance, John. I'm loving them. They make my pics look a lot better than they really are.


Rock 'n Roll

In case you didn't already know...
Neon Trees
Friday April 24

Velour - 135 N. University Ave. - Provo
with Seve vs. Evan
The Outline

Electron Deception

Show starts at 8:00



Whoa. For the first time in AS LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER, I have NO pending print orders, albums or deadlines. I almost can't believe it. This means I can enjoy SoCal, snuggie with the hubby, hit the beach with Brian & Kelli, dye eggs, hopefully meet up with Casey & Kerri, crash and hang with Liz & Mitch, attend birthday lunch in Pasadena, cruise 3rd Street and go to Bay Cities Bakery IN PEACE. Life is good.


And The Winner Is...

Paul Cannon...Paul Cannon...Paul Cannon!! Paul, does Sarah want a bag? And if so, what color does she like? Congrats. Send your address and thanks for being today's Daily Cool!