Fab Lunchbox

Every 6 year old entering the 1st grade should be so lucky. Thanks Vick.


Wall of Rock

For YEARS we've been talking about what we would do with our old posters from high school. We've been saving them out of nostalgia not knowing why we weren't just getting rid of them. They've been saved for this purpose:

It was so satisfying to hang these and every time I pull into the garage I get a warm rock 'n roll fuzzy. There are still more to hang...



Last week I came back from L.A. without Bdog. But I found this when I got here:
I only washed it off today, 'cause he's finally coming home! Like I said before, he certainly knows how to use a tube of lipstick.



Why are people complaining about the weather around here? Yes, it's been raining almost everyday for quite a while, and the temp hasn't topped 80 for a while either. But IT'S WONDERFUL!!! O.K. So, it means more mosquitoes in the future, but we can deal! The windows can be open 24/7. My kids can play outside for more than 15 minutes without sunburn. Everything is really green. I don't have to run the A/C ALL DAY LONG just to get the upstairs below 80 degrees. It's not so hot (as it usually is by now) that I don't want to go outside for any reason. I DO want to go outside. I want to eat, sleep and live outside right now. Who cares if that means I have a farmer tan a little while longer. It's SOOO worth it. And it meant this yesterday:

Why are people complaining?


Weekend Fun

The Stratosphere makes a great background. I am tired.


9 Years

We are celebrating our 9th anniversary this week {or 18th anniversary...however you look at it}. We started the celebration by waking Bdog up while wearing my wedding dress...which I can only zip up 1/3 of the way...but it was funny anyway. We hiked The Y, ate delicious dinner on an actual "date", smelled the beautiful roses that Bdog brought me, opened card(s), and now we're heading to LV, then on to L.A. for Neon Trees shows and a getaway at The Channel Road Inn where we had our honeymoon. And I didn't forget like I did here. Best week ever!!!

The Y hike {Katie RAN to the top}




I'm kinda freaking out about my shoot yesterday with Cami and Marc. I don't know if I can handle their hotness.


Photo Class Spring 2009

I've been waiting forever for the students of my last class to send me pics to post. I've only received a few, so here they are. I'm very proud of everyone in the class. Everyone's pictures are looking amazing and better and better all the time!


Erin practicing shutter drag:





and Evonne {yes, I just helped train my competition on this one!}:

A lot of people have been asking when I'm doing another class. It will be soon. Yes, soon. But sometime when I'm not leaving town every other week so I have to wait a while. Details coming...