Baby Man

Today the most gorgeous person in the world turns 3. He got special vegan treats from Aunt Vicki and an awesome truck from Danny...a toy he's acutally PLAYING with. It's a birthday miracle. He even had cookies for breakfast and a special surprise visit from DADDY!!! I know every parent thinks they love their child more than anyone has ever loved a child, but for us, that's actually true. There are no words to express what we feel for Baby Connor. Happy birthday, Bubs. We are forever in love with you.


Year Of The Trees

Here are some highlights from the last month...

CD release party at Velour:

Another CD release party at Graywhale:

Complete with groupies:

And fans waiting for autographs:

Radio interviews at 91X in San Diego:

p.s. these guys are FUNNY!

And at KROQ:

Backstage at Jimmy Kimmel...the dressing room:

The cupcakes:

Bdog getting in 'the zone' for his first TV appearance:

p.s. can you tell they wouldn't let real cameras on the set? Lame!

Opening night of the tour with 30 Seconds To Mars in LV:

Awesome view from our condo at The Palms:

And my hot boyfriend:

It's been a busy month, a lot of traveling, but so worth it.


This Guy

Guess who's being featured by Aguilar? Go here and click on his picture.


This Girl

Happy birthday!!! To the woman I want to be when I grow up. Love you, mom!!


Broken Bells

If you don't know what Broken Bells is, it's the new project by James Mercer and Danger Mouse. And if you don't know who James Mercer is, he's the singer from The Shins. And if you don't know who The Shins are, you've been living under a rock. Just kidding. You're not living under a rock. But the album is fantastic. I really love it and it's on heavy rotation over here. (It must be something to get Habits out of the disc player.) I'd like to say that it's great, but not as great as The Shins, only because The Shins hold a special place in my heart since a sweet high school friend, Marty Crandall, played bass for them. But I can't. I think it's even more awesome than any Shins record, and you might too.


Billboard Love

Here is the Billboard Magazine review in print, and in cyber-space:


Me likey. And p.s. If you read any People Mag or Rolling Stone reviews, just remember, it wasn't written by David Fricke and therefore has zero credibility whatsoever.


More Stuff

Branden has neglected The Daily Cool. So he started his own rant where he can chronicle his tour travels and talk about bands you've never heard of. Here's the link: