Today Katie donated 8 INCHES of her hair to the Beautiful Lengths campaign (they make wigs for cancer patients). She looks like a movie star now. Here are the before and afters....


Radio Songs

Saturday I heard "Afternoon Delight" on the radio in the car. I get really happy every time I hear that song. I sang it loud all the way home. And I can't believe I know every last word to that inappropriate, dirty little song. I also can't believe all our parents listened to it & sang along when we were little. Oh, the 70's.


Cool Peeps

The following people are cool for the following reasons:

Bdog Campbell - For leaving the T.Rex CD by the ghetto blaster. Since it was just lying there, I put it in and was reminded that it's awesome.

Andrea P. - For bringing me amazing, beautiful fabrics all the way from India.

Andy A. - For driving way out of the way to get dinner for us girlies. I was super, super hungry while shooting a wedding that was dessert only.

Vicki D., Amber H., and Mitzi R. - For continually watching my babies while I try to juggle 18,000 different balls all day every day.

Unknown Guy at Cafe Rio - For putting lots of steak on my tostada Monday. Loved it.


Good Read

I just finished Follow The River by James Alexander Thom. It's historical fiction, so I'm not straying too far from my non-fiction roots. It was heart-wrenching and miserable. I loved it. Everyone read it.


Fairy Princess

Here are photos of what I've been doing with little girls lately. Call me if you want to book...


More Dreams

I have had so many rock 'n roll dreams lately. Mostly Neon Trees dreams. I had two really long Neon Trees dreams last week, too long to post, so I'll just hit the 2 highlights which were:

1. Tyler asking me to sing Shoplifters Of The World Unite with him in front of a huge crowd while we were at a Killer's video shoot...


2. Branden telling everyone he was leaving the band unless they changed the name. So, he came home to pout about it and I convinced him the name was good and told him that Lisa Vannucci really liked it so he changed his mind and all was well.

But last night's dream is one that is really fascinating me...

We lived in a big art deco style house. It was a little on the George Jetson side of deco. My parents were moving in with us. We had one giant, open living room with a canvas wall stretched out like a rounded, curved sail. On this giant wall, in patchwork pieces of fabric, was the word "Lakland". Lakland is the bass company that Branden endorses. I'm so weirded out that we had it written in giant fabric letters on our wall. And the typeface was the same one that Peavey uses on its amps and stuff. The canvas wall was directly over the cubicles where Ryan Tanner worked on vinyl record covers, but next to the open desk area where Nicole Nelson, Jamie Davis and some random people worked.

I seriously wish I could get a full 8 hrs. of sleep every night just so I could have more dreams.


Engagement Pics - Wedding Photos Salt Lake City, UT

Last week I found a couple sweet new spots to shoot at in downtown SLC. I love them...
Utah wedding photography



Last night, shortly after 9:00, there was a knock at the door. Oh, was I bugged. I was just getting my jammies on. It took me a minute to put on some clothes and run downstairs. Another loud knock....so bugged! Then I opened the door, and it was BDOG CAMPBELL!!! With FLOWERS!!! He surprised us and came home for our 8 year anniversary. So today, we're having day of fun and surprises. And I'm the biggest jerk in the world 'cause I 100% completely forgot it was even getting close to being our anniversary. It hadn't even crossed my mind in 4 or 5 weeks. I totally suck. But here we are 8 years ago today:Utah wedding photography Salt Lake City


75 S

As much as I absolutely love our house now....I really miss this place: