Happy Birthday To Me

I had a really fun birthday this year. I even had a birthday party. Yes, it was at a gay bar, and yes, it was fab. Thank you to all the friends who showed up for the birthday/Neon Trees show: Morgan & Vicki (and for the awesome cake), Danny, Elin, Bustin, Clayton, Ted, John & Amber, and our neighbor, Lee. Thank you for your presents and your presence.

Also thank you all you homies that came to the show in Vegas sat. night: Mom & Dad Patterson, Mom & Dad Campbell, Chris, Ronnie & Lisa, Robbie & Candace, Justin, Bronson, John, and anyone I might be forgetting. Even though the entire staff of Jillian's belongs on The Daily UnCool, it was actually kinda nice to have a private little showcase for our most important homies. Love y'all.
And here are a few faves from the night...


This Guy

This is Scott Wiley. He is an engineer/producer and owner of June Audio. Scott's worked with everyone from Kanye West to Ryan Adams. And the reason he's extra cool today, is that he's been recording with Neon Trees (Bdog's band) for the last 3 days. Well, last night Bdog brought home the tracks they finished and they sound INCREDIBLE. They're not even mixed and mastered, but they sound completely polished, finished and radio ready. (At least to the lay man, like myself). Scott is awesome at his job. He's the bomb dot com.


Shrinky Dinks

Remember Shrinky Dinks? So cool. Katie & I made one the other day. She colored it all herself and it now hangs on her princess backpack. It clanks all the way to kindergarten everyday, and she loves it...


Sego Festival #3

Here's a rundown of the Sego Festival kick-off on Fri. Sept. 26th at 1st North & University Ave. in Provo:
(oh yeah, and admission is free)

1. Somber Party (7:00)
2. Saint Sebastian's School for Wicked Girls (8:00)
3. The John Whites (9:00)
4. Neon Trees (10:00)
5. Seve vs. Evan (11:00)

And for those who are interested in Saturday's festivities, they're at the Castle Amphitheatre at the very top (east end) of Center St. in Provo:

September 27 - Sat

Castle: 1. The Virtual Pandas (1:00) 2. Desert Noises (2:00) 3. The Queen of Nebraska (3:00) 4. The Alligators (4:00) 5. Coup de Grace (5:00) 6. Pierrot Le Fou (6:00) 7. Johan the Angel (7:00) 8. The Eden Express (8:00) 9. Mathematics et Cetera (9:00) 10. Return to Sender (10:00)

Lawn: 1. Shake & Echo (1:30) 2. The McKay Stevens Project (2:30) 3. Cory Mon and the Starlight Gospel (3:30) 4. Maple Grove (4:30) 5. Jacket Weather (5:30) 6. Quasi-Stellar Radio (6:30) 7. The Elizabethan Report (7:30) 8. Code Hero (8:30) 9. Shark Speed (9:30) 10. Chris Merritt (10:30)

Pond: 1. The Fearsome Poet Group (1:15) 2. Death and the Orange (2:15) 3. The Yaks (3:15) 4. Adam and Darcie (4:15) 5. Electron Deception (5:15) 6. Adding Machines (6:15) 7. Tiger Fire (7:15) 8. RuRu (8:15) 9. Forest World (9:15) 10. The Powerless (10:15)

Acoustic: 1. Season's Extreme (1:00) 2. James Barlow and the Such and Such (1:35) 3. Spencer Russell (2:10) 4. Laurie Blaisdell (2:45) 5. Pablo (3:20) 6. Katie Brandeburg (3:55) 7. Benton Paul (4:30) 8. The Color Gypsy (5:05) 9. Andy Livingston (5:40) 10. Spencer Kingman (6:15) 11. Jenny Guerra (6:55) 12. Boots to the Moon (7:30) 13. John White (8:05) 14. JP Haynie (8:40) 15. Scott Shephard (9:15)

Electronic/DJ: 1. DJ Soft Core (1:45) 2. Sugar Rush Kids (2:45) 3. The Crylics (3:45) 4. Marcus Wing (4:45) 5. Kashiwazaki (5:45) 6. Pleasant Pictures (6:45) 7. Hot Parents (7:45)


Star Wars Gangster Rap

This one's for you, EGO! I recently found this Star Wars rap from like, 6 years ago. It never stops being funny...


Proud Mommy

I just have to brag about my child for a moment...

We've had many proud rock 'n roll moments with 5 yr. old Katie. Like the time we were at Cafe Rio when she was 3 and she heard the faint music over the speakers and said, "Mommy, this is The Beatles" and she was right. Or when she actually cried because we weren't playing The White Stripes loud enough in the car. Or the time I found her playing alone in her room, quietly singing a Keane song to herself.

Well, the other day I had another proud moment. We were driving for a long time listening to the new Death Cab For Cutie album which, by the way, I've NEVER thought they were anything to write home (or on a blog) about. But this new album is so fantastic. I think I've listened to it 100 times in the last month. So, there we were, driving....and track 4 came on. I thought to myself, "Wow. The drums on this track are really interesting. They sound really awesome & different." Then Katie said something and I turned it down to hear her. I realized that it was Katie drumming her own beat on the seat behind me. A totally amazing rhythm that was perfectly synced with the song. It was just awesome. We are raising her right, thank you very much.


Neon Trees

Utah photographers Salt Lake City
Just want to make sure the world knows in advance:

Sept 18th - 8:00 p.m. Burt's Tiki Lounge - SLC, UT
Sept 20th - 10:00 p.m. VELOUR - Provo, UT
Sept 25th - 9:00 p.m. The Trapp Door - SLC, UT
Sept 26th - 8:00 p.m. Sego Festival Kick-off - Downtown Stage - Provo, UT
Sept 27th - 8:00 p.m. Jillian's (Upstairs Lounge) - Las Vegas, NV


Wedding Photography - Los Angeles

Here are a few faves from Steven and Kristin's wedding in L.A. Los angeles wedding photographer


Electric Feel

Here is the new favorite song for the week. This is not the official MGMT video, it's a screen shot of someone playing their interactive music video game. And it's better than the real video, so enjoy...


Parent's Night

Last night was my first parent's night ever. It was awesome to study all the artwork and projects that were lining the halls of each grade level. I think we were in the 3rd grade hall when I saw the following on a poster where the students were to write down something they are good at:

"I'm emazing at riting."

Yes. Yes you are.


Love it...

Here's what I found on the bathroom mirror after Bdog left town yesterday. Does my man know how to use a tube of lipstick, or what?