Trick Or Treat

Somebody is awesome this Halloween...

And somebody is gorgeous...


All I Want For Christmas

I was just going through a box of old kid's books I inherited from my parent's garage, and this fell out:

I think it's especially fitting that I found this today since as of this morning, Miss Katie has no front teeth.


This Is It

We saw the Michael Jackson movie last night. {No words}. I just feel bummed after seeing it 'cause I didn't know that MJ was mostly normal again and ready to rock the world again. He still had it. He was singing and dancing and being nice, funny and respectful to all the incredible musicians, dancers and crew putting that amazing show together. You need to go see it a.s.a.p. and have your love of MJ restored. This is not a show featuring the Michael Jackson of 2001ish to 2007ish. It was FANTASTIC.



A couple weeks ago I took a bunch of kiddos to Corn Belly's for Halloweenie fun. While we were in the corn maze, the kids kept picking up these dried out ears of corn that were all over the ground. So, I kept shoving them in my diaper bag. Turns out, they make a really awesome wreath. Me likey.


Neon Trees - Halloweenie

When the trick-or-treating is over, there's more fun to be had:

and p.s. I'm STILL looking for a babysitter for this. I've emailed about 10 people and no takers.


Mish Pics

O.K. Internet, we're getting ready to send in The Unc's mission papers and we need to choose a photo. Let us know which one you like best.





And my personal favorite, The Nacho Libre Smile:


Diamond Fork Hot Springs

This is what we did over the weekend:

Fall hiking is THE BEST! It's been years since we've hiked to these springs. They are better now. It was fun. And of course, it wouldn't be a day out of the house with Miss Katie without seeing a snake:


Harvest Moon

Our back yard carrots:

I've had a hard time keeping up with the harvest this year. I've made more salsa, applesauce, plum jam, beets (with goat cheese of course), basil concoctions and grilled squash than any one family can eat. I love picking stuff that grows in the dirt. It's just hard to eat it all before it's not so yummy anymore.


The Contour

I have a renewed love and appreciation for our old Contour clunker. My parents gave me this car in 1998 when I got home from my mission. It's been with us since then...through many breakdowns and repairs, countless states, 2 countries, 9 recalls, 200,000 miles and a near death experience. We know we are lucky to have a second car, and I really needed it this week. As I drove Baby Connor to his second Dr.'s appointment at Primary Children's Hospital yesterday, I felt grateful to have a running mode of transportation. Branden is in L.A. this week with "the good car" so I've had to rely on this clunker. I don't mind that it's old and worn. Not having a fancy new car has never bothered me. In fact, I felt super awesome all week every time I looked in the rear view mirror and saw my rad NYU sticker on the back window. I made that puppy in 1998 also. That must be why the car is still alive. It has Neil power.
And don't worry about the dirty rain spots. In Utah, we don't wash our cars in October 'cause, it's Utah.


Hooray For The Unc!

We got an amazing surprise package in the mail today. It's The Yellow Bird Project coloring book. It's from The Unc to Miss Katie & one to Baby Connor. It's the bomb. It's got 32 pages of The Shins, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bon Iver, Broken Social Scene, Joseph Arthur, Wolf Parade and more to color. And the royalties go to various charities. How Indie is that?


Fall Colors

If you wanted your family pictures with fall leaves this year, the time is now. They are peaking and fading faster than I've ever seen. Here's a sample of Saturday's leaves:

Call or email me and I'll send you a price list.