I thought the Army Jacket color was my new favorite. Then Michele let me use her cute OPI lavender. Now I can't decide. I can't decide.


Army Jacket

Bdog bought this for me last week at American Apparel. Then I used it, and I love it.


Paul Banks

We finally ended up finding a home for sweet, 5 toed Paul Banks. Cute Emily and Aaron adopted him and this is what we found in the mail over Christmas:
This is THE ONE card I will keep forever.



I had the most fantastic dream the other night. We were driving in a parking lot with the kiddos, and kept going over these huge speed bumps. They were really bouncy and Baby Connor loved it. When we were driving out of the lot, Connor said "Daddy, drive on the popsicle sticks again!!!" They were his first words! We were flabbergasted and so enamored by him that he called the bumps "popsicle sticks". I woke up so happy.