I Just Wanna

Enjoy this shiny little gem:

Happy moving Ron and Lisa.

I'll be coming to find you...if it takes me all night :)



If you want to keep tabs on GloPat and The Chief while they're in Africa, you can find them here:


Wish there were some pics from the last 24 hrs. in Freetown...Haven't seen any yet. Anxiously waiting...


Neon Bieber

Watch this if you haven't seen it yet. It's great. And best in full-screen mode:

Neon Trees Sing Justin Bieber



This Week Bites

What a week...here are some highlights:

Monday...Connor driving mom & dad to the MTC. Surreal:

Mom wearing my mission tag...in Bulgarian:

Wednesday...ConDog and BDog having their last J Dawg together:

The Goodbye:

Even though I'm proud and feel excited for them, I can't say I'm really enjoying this. Not one bit.


Neon Trees

You're invited to a free, small Neon Trees show tomorrow {Wednesday} at Velour. It's for a taping, and it's only open to the first 100 people that show up. Doors open at 7:30. Doors shut at 8:30. Taping beings at 8:15.

If you're not one of the first 100 peeps to show up, you won't get in. And no, I can't get you in. Love you!

p.s. Wear black, gold or silver :)