The Office

Yes, the TV show is beyond cool, but that's not what I'm talking about. I've had numerous emails, comments even phone calls about this pic. YES, it really is my office. NO, I didn't paint the clock and I'm not going to. AND, the reason the office is so clean is because this photo was taken 4 months ago (before the workflow increased again) and because it was for a submission to Domino Magazine for some thang they were having on home decor. Didn't go anywhere.

As for today's dose of cool. Refer to the afore mentioned TV show and magazine.

And p.s. All the artwork on the main wall was done by friends (and Katie). We're always taking submissions :)

And I shall give credit where credit is due:
Thank you mom for helping make the curtains. Wait, no. Thank you for making the curtains without any help whatsoever.
Thank you dad for spraying the chandelier with me and wiring it back up.
Thank you mom & dad for the awesome clock.
Thank you Elin for painting the room with me.
Thank you Vicki for the table I was able to PAINT BLACK.
Thank you Layla Grayce for the chairs and fabric on trade.
And Thank you Natalie Vaieland, Katie, Leslie and John Telford for the lovely artwork. And me too :)

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Vicki said...

When am I going to get the table back? :)