More Rock 'n Roll Dreams

Last night was one of the best r 'n r dreams ever. I dreamt that Branden was playing some festival somewhere and we had to fly there. As we got off the plane at the airport in the unknown city, Neil Young was there and we met him and ended up hanging out with him all day. He said how cool it would be if him and Branden could do a few songs together, just the two of them. And also that he would need me to sing with him. Omigosh, we were freaking out in the dream. So the next day, Branden was playing Tonight's The Night with him while I waited on the side. Just then, Eric Clapton walked across the stage with 10 or so kids. Neil got really mad and stormed off stage....[the only part of my dream that could actually happen in real life.] But it was all good 'cause my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Zeleski, got some cupcakes to coax him back on stage. While I was waiting for him to come back for my turn to sing, I hung out with Robert De Niro, George Lucas, and Dan Aykroyd. I kept telling them how much I loved Neil and how excited I was to sing with him. I waited and waited. Then I woke up.


Heidi said...

Your dreams Rock. Literally. You should start a blog just for your dreams.

Do you interpret dreams? What did this one mean?
: ) h

Mom said...

cool dream; I hope part of it comes true.

Maggi said...

Hey Emilie, it's Maggi Quackenbush!!! I want to know if you're going to do a photo class!!! I need to learn from the Master!!! My email is maggiquackenbush@hotmail.com, let me know if you ever do one!