Bulgarian Pottery

Oh, how I love domino magazine. Almost everything in it is awesome. Imagine my delight as I thumbed through May's issue and found a spread on the loveliness of Bulgarian pottery. I've been using/displaying my own Bulgarian pottery for 10 years now. It's practically the only thing I brought home from my mission...aside from a rare case of recurring pertussis and an aversion to jogging suits. My mom and dad helped me backpack a shlode of this home. Here are just a couple pieces from my collection:

and the pieces from domino:


Maudie Jane said...

Love it and I love that you used the word shlode. It is so the new butt load.

Maudie Jane said...

I am so sad about your garden, a complete daily uncool. We are trying to get ours in but, well, we are kind of lazy.

If anything grows, (fingers crossed) we will totally share.

Mom said...

I like your collection better than the magazine's. You should send them your pix