When Pig's Fly

We got a wedding announcement in the mail yesterday. We are perhaps more happy to get this one than any other we've ever received. Reason being, is that it's from BUSTIN! We've been trying to marry him off FOR YEARS. The announcement is gorgeous {letter pressed of course}, Justin and Sunny look extremely hot & sexy, and as you can see from the back flap...pigs are flying.

Oh, and Justin put a one-of-a-kind personal touch on ours: his hand drawn "West Side!!!" sign. Viva Las Vegas. Can't wait to take your cheesy portraits.

1 comment:

justin said...

Yeah that little hand is a little reminder to keep it WEST-SIDE real when taking our pics girl!!! you've been in cedar hills a while now. just need you to regress a little bit. SNAP though!!!! cant believe i made the daily cool again. LOVE

ps. that yeah yeah yeah's pic is RAD.