Fancy Bath

Two weeks ago we were at The Westside Pavillion in L.A. and of course Katie had to use the bathroom. I was mentally prepared to be grossed out by the toilets and changing table etc. until we stepped in to the family restroom and saw this:
It Had 2 private bathrooms, each with a "mommy" toilet and a "kid" toilet:

A play area for the kiddos:

And a private nursing room complete with a built-in, cushie changing pad, a micro for your bottles, and a comfy nursing chair.

I've never seen a more awesome bathroom at a mall.


Erik Isakson said...

Hey Emilie,
I love that you were totally hanging out photographing a public bathroom. Reminds me of a shoot I worked on for Toto Toilets. We photographed the women's restroom at the Google headquarters for 2 hours. really nice bathroom but rediculous that I had to spend my time staring at a toilet. Let us know when you guys are in So.Cal. next. Abella wants to meet you guys!

Jessica said...

Sweet bathroom! Looks like a twin mom could even push a double wide stroller into that stall--I need more of those.

Vicki said...

The West Side Pavillion is the coolest mall ever. Did you see the "food court". The Bomb. Take pics of that too next time.