The Contour

I have a renewed love and appreciation for our old Contour clunker. My parents gave me this car in 1998 when I got home from my mission. It's been with us since then...through many breakdowns and repairs, countless states, 2 countries, 9 recalls, 200,000 miles and a near death experience. We know we are lucky to have a second car, and I really needed it this week. As I drove Baby Connor to his second Dr.'s appointment at Primary Children's Hospital yesterday, I felt grateful to have a running mode of transportation. Branden is in L.A. this week with "the good car" so I've had to rely on this clunker. I don't mind that it's old and worn. Not having a fancy new car has never bothered me. In fact, I felt super awesome all week every time I looked in the rear view mirror and saw my rad NYU sticker on the back window. I made that puppy in 1998 also. That must be why the car is still alive. It has Neil power.
And don't worry about the dirty rain spots. In Utah, we don't wash our cars in October 'cause, it's Utah.


Kaerlig said...

I hope you get some answers about Connor Em. I'm thinking about the little guy.

P.S. NYU brings back memories of only you.

Evie B. said...

Second only to the 4-Runner, the Contour TOTALLY reminds me of The Skin, the old house and babysitting Katie on my lunch break. NYU 4eva, baby. :)

How's Connor?

Linda Dickinson said...

Just a follow up for Connor? It is mind blowing that there aren't more answers...keep at it...on a lighter side-we just sold the 92 sentra and Mike had a hard time letting go (only because he knew the car inside and out and it was so cheap!)

lady ace said...

you didn't mention the broken handle on the inside passenger door. and i know exactly how that broke. and that sticker gave me one of my 1st impressions of you. "this girl has a BYU sticker on her car? uh... ok..."

kel bel said...

We put one on our old Honda Civic just a bunch of months ago and we're banking on Neil power to keep it running for another 5-10 yrs.