On Tour

If you're in any of the following cities on the scheduled dates, you will be really bummed if you miss these shows. You will be especially bummed in 2010 when you hear them all over the radio and see them everywhere and you think to yourself, "Man, I could have seen them in a small venue before anyone else." I'm just sayin'...

Dec 1 - Cavern w/Nico Vega & Inward Eye - DALLAS, TX
Dec 2 - Hard Rock Cafe w/Nico Vega & Inward Eye - BILOXI, MS
Dec 3 - Jack Rabbit's w/Nico Vega & Inward Eye - JACKSONVILLE, FL
Dec 5 - The Masquerade w/Nico Vega & Inward Eye - ATLANTA, GA
Dec 6 - Mileston w/Nico Vega & Inward Eye - CHARLOTTE, NC
Dec 7 - Red & Black w/Nico Vega & Inward Eye - WASHINGTON D.C.
Dec 9 - The Khyber w/Inward Eye - PHILADELPHIA, PN
Dec 10 - TT The Bears w/Nico Vega & Inward Eye - CAMBRIDGE, MA
Dec 11 - Studio Room at Webster Hall w/N.V. & I.E. - NEW YORK, NY
Dec 13 - Pirate's Cove w/Nico Vega & Inward Eye - CLEVELAND, OH
Dec 14 - Magic Stick w/Nico Vega & Inward Eye - DETROIT, MI
Dec 15 - Schuba's w/Inward Eye - CHICAGO, IL
Dec 18 - Bender's w/Nico Vega & Inward Eye - DENVER, CO
Dec 19 - Burt's Tiki Lounge w/N.V. & I.E. - ALBUQUERQUE, NM
Dec 20 - Wasted Space at The Hard Rock w/N.V. & I.E. - LAS VEGAS, NV
Dec 31 - Gallivan Center - New Year's Eve Fest - SALT LAKE CITY, UT
Jan 15 - Velour's 4th Anniversary Show w/TBA - PROVO, UT

Check out some new songs, venue info and video here:

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Kaerlig said...

awesome. your man is going to be busy this Christmas!

Shenay said...

How exciting. We'll have to see if we can go on the 20th. Do you plan on meeting him at any of those venues?

Vanessa Contessa said...

Jon and I are totally going to be in Vegas on the 20th. I hope we can get there!

kel bel said...

We'll still be around to see him here in ABQ. We can't wait! Em, come down and go with us!

a weyand said...


just found this site, living in atlanta but just missed you I'll catch you next time around

keep the rock and roll alive

Andy Weyand