2008 Faves

We meant to do this a month ago...but here are a couple favorite things from 2008...

The Ranch Manch - best time ever!! See it here, here and here.
Ghostown - movie
Harold - movie
Narrow Stairs - Death Cab For Cutie - album
Losing Touch - The Killers - song from the awesome Day & Age
Follow The River - James Alexander Thom - book (not from 2008)
30 Rock - tv
and the best...
Ghostmoves and Fall To Pieces - Neon Trees - songs

Seeing Katie love kindergarten
Joining Neon Trees
Dark Knight - movie
Narrow Stairs - Death Cab For Cutie - album
Oracular Spectacular - MGMT - album

And here is Andy Armstrong's list as well:
Son of Rambow - movie
Happy-Go-Lucky - movie
Microcastle - Deerhunter - album
Friday Night Lights - Season Three -tv
Caught in the Trees - Damien Jurado - album
Wall*E - movie

Ricky Gervais Show - Season Five - podcast

What is everyone's favorite album from 2008?


Neon Trees/T-Bone Glenn

In case you didn't get enough on Saturday, or you got pulled over on your way and didn't quite make it, come to the City Weekly Showcase:

Neon Trees Friday Feb. 6th 8:00 p.m.
Velour 135 N. University Ave. Provo

And this is super late notice, but you should come to Velour tonight for some solo singin' by hot Tyler Glenn. 8:00. Enjoy.

Tyler in the studio Tuesday channeling Beyonce/Christina Aguilera.



We had a "share fair" at our church 2 weeks ago. We have some much, much older and cooler people in our neighborhood, and I scored some awesome vintage fabric and ribbons from one such older, cooler lady. I felt like I hit the jackpot going through her bin of ribbon. And I got these little old hand towels as well. They're lovely and a total score. Too bad I can't cut them up to use for Dawn Durell bags. They're just to precious. Here's a sample:


Neon Rock

Neon Tress have been rehearsing in our basement for the last week or so. Well, last week they were rocking out so hard, the light at the top of the stairs literally burst into a thousand pieces. It spontaneously shattered from the force of their high-voltage rock. If that's not face melting, I don't know what is.



Last night we got to see the Sundance (and world) premiere of Adventureland. It was fantastic. And Kristen Stewart, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Martin Starr & the very funny Jesse Eisenberg were all there for the Q&A afterward. It was a super treat to be in the same room as Kristen Wiig. I SOO wanted to run up to her and say "I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I want you. JustKiddingJustKiddingJustKidding...do we have any more candles?" And then jump out the window. Thanks Kgordee!

It's the new Juno...only with more cuss words. And no one's PG.


Happy Birthday Cool!

Today is the one year anniversary of The Daily Cool. During that time, we've had over 12,000 visitors. I hope you are a fan of The Daily Cool. If you're not, I have no reason to write. Check out post ONE if you missed it. Thanks for reading! Be cool!



I just want to quickly tell the world how yummy my lunch was. I went to Yapona with Amber & Carleen (It's in AF). We had Sundance Rolls, Vegas Rolls, and something with eel sauce and it was fantastic! I want more for dinner.
p.s. I did not take this picture :)


Snow Patrol

Snow removal is becoming a problem at our house. But I love it. I love snow. Katie likes to climb up the giant bank of snow created by the plows. It's literally blocking our driveway and we can't get out on that side. She climbs it like it's Everest. We're playing in the snow so much, our snow clothes don't even dry out by the next day when we want them again. Remember this? (Last winter when Connor was 8 mo. old):

Here we are this winter:


Neon Trees

Just thought I'd let everyone know now, so there's none of this "I didn't know" or "not enough advanced notice" talk. Here's the scoop for Jan./Feb.

Jan 20 - 7:00P

Jan 24 2009 9:00P
VELOUR w/ SHARK SPEED - 135 N. University Ave. - PROVO, Utah

Feb 10 2009 9:00P



She's six, Internet, SIX!!
Here she is at 4 days old...
and 3 years old...

and now...Man, I still want to eat her face off.