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I just love it. I do. Though it's no substitute for Domino...may you rest in peace.



O.K. Internet, settle and argument. Do you think 10,000 texts in one month (5,000 sent - 5,000 received) and 8,000 texts the next month (4,000 sent - 4,000 received) is excessive? Do you? Do you?


Neon Trees

Just in case....

Neon Trees
Sunday, July 26th - 9:00 p.m.
Cinespace - Los Angeles, CA
See you there!



This past weekend was our annual trip to go visit Mandy & Gary. It was fun. It is always fun there. Their house is a literal playland for the kiddos. They have a bounce house inside their house. And a big blow up waterslide in their fantastik back yard. Sorry Mandy, but you really do have more toys than anyone I've ever known. I know people with 8 kids who don't have that much fun stuff at their house. Here are some highlights:

Water games:

In the bounce house:

The big lizard we captured with Uncle Dustin's help:

And it's big 'ol tail that came off and still wiggled around that Katie picked up:

S'mores at the fire pit:

Cannon Ball snoring:

The roller coaster:

Delaney and Connor in love:

I'm ready for more.


John & Julie - Wedding Peek

Here are a few shots from John & Julie's wedding. One of the hottest couples EVER. I had a lot of fun that day. I love shooting my adopted family. It's just more fun that way.

The dancing and grooving was spectacular. Julie has some super sweet moves.

And perhaps my favorite picture of the day.

When Pig's Fly

We got a wedding announcement in the mail yesterday. We are perhaps more happy to get this one than any other we've ever received. Reason being, is that it's from BUSTIN! We've been trying to marry him off FOR YEARS. The announcement is gorgeous {letter pressed of course}, Justin and Sunny look extremely hot & sexy, and as you can see from the back flap...pigs are flying.

Oh, and Justin put a one-of-a-kind personal touch on ours: his hand drawn "West Side!!!" sign. Viva Las Vegas. Can't wait to take your cheesy portraits.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs

This is currently my favorite thing to listen to in the whole wide world. It's the Yeah Yeah Yeah's latest, It's Blitz. I love when I find a record where I don't want to skip any songs. They all rule. You should check it out if you haven't already. And get your leather on on on on on on.


Lake DuBay, Wisconsin

We have been gone baby gone for what feels like the whole summer. We're also leaving again this week for about 2 weeks. So, I'm finally catching up on uploading some pics from our family reunion in Wisconsin over the 4th. It is beautiful there. Very flat, but very beautiful. We had fun.

This is how we got to where we camped...by boat!


On The Go

We just got back from a week long trip. First to Vegas, then on to Wisconsin for a Campbell family reunion, then back to Vegas, then home. We literally could not travel without Ms. Katie's help all the time. She's an exceptional traveler, and an amazing helper. As Branden and I lugged all our gear through the giant LV airport, we needed her to push Connor in his stroller. We NEEDED her and she came through. And I snapped a secret pic of her feeding her toy dinosaur some pirate's booty on the way down...so awesome:
"A bite for you, a bite for me"

And she helps clean the car:

And when she wasn't pushing Baby Connor, she was holding cousin Gabriel's hand to help keep him in a good mood. What would we do without her?