Neon Linkage

I know everyone's so over all the Neon news...but here are some links:

Animal on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Sins Of My Youth on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Video for In The Next Room:

And you can see the video for 1983. <----click it


Sally DeFord said...

Thanks emilie. We just watched these as a family. So exciting. I hope the world gets Neon Trees fever and you guys get so rich! Branden is cracking me up driving that fancy call all serious and rock starish. Love it.

Sally DeFord said...

Also, Hank (2 yrs old) was just singing Oh, oh, I want some more. So cute. He's a total fan.

Emilie and Branden said...

I know, seriously Sally, you know that was Bdog's favorite part of the shoot. I added one more link...check it out.

themechams said...

Emilie, Are you kidding? Over it? NOOOOOOOO... my kids all act like they are related to you. I mean they are NEON TREE junkies,

Anonymous said...

I liked Branden's black eye in "The Next Room"! It made him look pretty tough, even though we all know he's a total softy!!