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Neon Trees has a Christmas song and it's available on iTunes now. Go get it and love it. And I took the picture for the single. Fun times all around.


Mags [Margaret] said...

That cover is freaking amazing - your photog skillz are the bombdotcom. Did I tell you that after I showed the 1983 and Animal vids in my middle school chorus class for a Halloween treat, they now want our class to cover a Neon Trees song? I'll send you a video of our spring concert :) PS some of the boys in class are keeping track of Neon Trees stats on the charts, so adorable!
Mini Mags

Debby Phillips said...

Beautiful shot! Jennifer (who made the ornaments) is so honored to have her crafts included!

Jennifer Trainor said...

Hi Emilie! I'm Jen Trainor, the crafter of the ornaments. I'm so thrilled to know that the guys and Elaine liked them enough to put them to such good use. And it's great to know that you did the photography. You've so beautifully captured the haze of the tree lights that I so fondly remember spending hours staring at as a child. If only time allowed for such staring these days (note to self: make time for staring at the Christmas lights!).

At some point I'd love to get a quality copy of the photo as I don't know that we'll ever see it in print as I think it's only available digitally? Anyway, it is lovely to unknowingly have collaborated with you across the miles. I hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday season and find lots of time to stare at the Christmas lights together. xxJen