Oh Remember...

Just in case you have forgotten about Matsby and this, I'm here to remind you. And to show 3 favorite pictures from that gem:


Neon Linkage

I know everyone's so over all the Neon news...but here are some links:

Animal on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Sins Of My Youth on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Video for In The Next Room:

And you can see the video for 1983. <----click it


Neon Trees

Be sure to watch Neon Trees on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. Stoked!



Happy release day everyone! I was just checking the top 10 alternative albums on iTunes today and Habits is all the way up to #5. I'm freaking out a little 'cause I never expected it would debut so high up on the charts, but Bdog gave me permission to freak out so I'm gonna go have a little dance party and some hollerin' now. Have a great day!! See you at Best Buy!


Called To Serve

And the winner is...Sierra Leone. My rents are leaving on a mission on June 14th to Sierra Leone. That's pretty insane and it hasn't really sunk in yet. I'm really excited for them and proud and anxious. My mom is already nervous about the food :) They got their call in the mail yesterday and hopped in their car and drove all the way up here from LV to open it. So awesome.

I won't post any pics of the happy tears.

And you can hear Neon Trees doing a live/acoustic performance on 101.9 The End today at 5:00 p.m. In Utah. Enjoy.


New Baby

The newest addition to our family arrived today. After our 2 year pregnancy it was quite a relief that it came earlier than expected. At 8:30 a.m. a big truck dropped off 1,000 copies of this:

I'm sorry, no, you can't come over and purchase one. They are for the upcoming tour. But you can get it EVERYWHERE on Tues. THAT'S IN 6 DAYS. 6 DAYS!!!! I'll see you at Best Buy, Target, Walmart, on iTunes...wherever you shop. Rock on.



Neon Trees Update

Set your TiVo's. Neon Trees will be on MTV this Wed. and Sat. as part of "10 Artists To Watch In 2010". I don't know what time it will be on in your city, you'll have to check your TV sched but it will be sometime in the morning. Someone please record it so I can see it :)

Also, if you don't already know, Habits will be out on March 16 everywhere.

And, there will be a listening party here in UT at Velour on March 12 before it comes out. You can listen to the CD, the band will play it live, but no, you can't buy the CD there.

Also, you can watch them on Jimmy Kimmel Live March 23. (See you there!)

And, they will be playing SXSW this year and I'm super bummed that I won't be there. But if you can go, you should. They are playing many times that week.

Then, they leave on tour with 30 Seconds To Mars and Mute Math for a while. The first show of the tour is in LV April 9 at The Pearl inside The Palms. See you there!

Check here for the rest of the tour sched. They'll be wherever you are, so GO SEE THEM!!