Haunted Heber Creeper

We took a ride on the haunted Heber Creeper on Thursday night. The first 10 minutes Miss Katie kept saying, "Mom, this is boring. This is boring." Once we pulled into the 'graveyard' and she saw that the zombies outside were real people, she wasn't bored anymore. Then when they actually got on the train and started walking around, she was scared. It was awesome.

The monsters kept coming up to us and screaming, and Connor would scream right back and then laugh his head off.

Baby Man

No one is safe from the "Bath Intruder" at our house. If anyone is running a bath, anywhere in the house, Connor's radar will sense it and he will come sprinting to you and dive in, head first, fully clothed. He does it almost every day and it looks like this:



Here is an excerpt from an email my dad sent last week. He was riding in the back of a pickup with my mom driving on a totally washed out trail. I love that they get to have "real" mission experiences. Africa sounds almost as rad as Bulgaria.

As I was holding on for dear life, catching big air along the way, as your mom said we had a drunken Muslim jump in with me. (Muslims aren't supposed to drink alcohol are they?) First he wanted to know why we were in Sierra Leone and I told him we were on a mission. "What church" he says so I tell him and he says "oh! you're a Christian." I say yes and he says "I'm a Muslim." I said that's great. Then he wants to tell me his life story but his brain isn't functioning too well. All of the sudden he says "do you love me" I said I try to love all men, another bump, and he lands on my leg, laughing the whole time. He gave me his phone number and insisted I call him on Tuesday. What's up with that? He asked me two more times if I loved him before we got to the place where he got out. That was the adventure in the back of the pickup. Never a dull moment here.

You can read their blog here ----> PattersonTown.blogspot.com


Neon Trees are Animals

I just watched the George Lopez performance and I really, really, really like it. Enjoy.


Neon Trees - 1983 Video

You can watch the 1983 video now. Yay!! And Miss Katie is on the ferris wheel behind the band. Fun times.

Watch it big screen and quality here ------> 1983


Kassi and Tanner

I shot my last Andersen wedding over the weekend. Kass is the 6th one to get married and the 5th to have me do pictures. I LOVE shooting Kassi. I've been shooting her for 15 years. She was my first portrait subject in my first color photo class at BYU in 1995...she was still in elementary school! You can see why I love shooting her. She makes all my pictures look amazing.

I don't usually get weepy at weddings, even when it's someone I love as much as Kass. But I was a booby baby all day Saturday. There's just something about her and Tanner together that makes me so happy!! Kass has dated some pretty cool guys, but no one has ever been worthy of her. But Tanner IS!! And he is the luckiest man in the world.


Neon Trees - SLC

Rock The Vote With Neon Trees
Nov. 2, 2010 - 8 PM
SLCC Lifetime Activities Center
You should come to this show. You can get your tickets here: http://smithstix.com/events/item/root/neon-trees-rock-the-vote


The Tingler

Who has ever had one of these on their head over at my house? Aaahhhh...