Neon Prom

Here's the Your Surrender video for the Disney movie, Prom. We should all go see it.


Jen Paris said...

your hubby is an actor! Nice job Branden!! :)
I'm glad to see a Disney Prom movie since I saw a commercial for an MTV Prom movie which was super skanky and frightening! ;) So, you're contributing to a good cause. And of course we'll see it.
Congratulations guys!

Have a great weekend!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

awesome! yeah i recognized Neon Trees on the preview trailers for the movie. so i've planned on going, and i might subject my husband to it. whoohooo!

totally rad the band is going places!
i hope they come to AZ again soon, my kids are dying to come to a show. my 8 year old is a super fan. and all 6 of my kids sing along in the car, they know the whole album.

Ems said...

that is a great video! and I totally already wanted to see that movie because of Julie Taylor!