I'm trying to remain cool. But this concert is kicking the life out of me. As is the GAPS diet that Connor is on for seizures. As is my dirty house with parents coming in town tomorrow. Not to mention no hubs this week. So, I need to count some blessings and remember the cool things that are going on around here...

-The concert is happening
-Connor's had a few good days of hardly any seizures
-Everybody Talks is in the iTunes Alternative Top 10
-My parents are coming in town
-Next week is Disneyland with my sisters/rents/kids
-Next week is Jimmy Kimmel (p.s. it will be 2 years minus 24hrs to THE DAY that they first played Kimmel. Which was their first TV appearance. Remember that? I almost threw up that day!!)
-Paul Weller's new album comes out in one week

Also Cool:
This guy

Katie's first time roller skating

She likes to do her homework in Connor's crib

Katie's stuffed animal tower

Connor being soooo good during his neurofeedback session

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Beautiful pictures they are lovable, thank you for sharing!