Music is my boyfriend...

This is the week of favorite song lyrics. These luscious little bits of songs are like beloved poems to me. Here's today's fave:

In the deepest parts of ourselves
We keep the dark in,
We keep the dark in.

But if you trust me standing here,
You'll find there's no need to whisper,
You'll find there's no need to whisper.

Anyone know it? Do you? Do you?


Anonymous said...

Puh-puh-persuaasionnnn. Love it. i think i found your blog one day after googling neon trees. Love the pictures and the lyrical quizzes! -irene

Kaerlig said...

I didn't have a clue. no surprise there

LTD in Las Vegas said...

Don't you remember how bad I am about hearing lyrics...I am notorious for always hearing the wrong words..."Capture Me Lady!" (The Sundays) HAHA!