Dawn Durell Bags

I accidentally forgot to make this post about 3 months ago. I've finally initiated this new project...Dawn Durell Bags. These bags are made ENTIRELY from vintage/used-clothes/fabrics/linens. They are so green, they warrant a green printed label. So, here are a few. They're available for $30 and there are many more prints where these came from. Email me or leave a comment for details or with questions.

Dawn Durell Totes: app. 13 in. W X 12 in. H


MaryBeth said...

I need information...I need one...I also need you, but that's a different story.

Shel said...

I must have one. Let me know when I can come over and pick one out!

Vicki said...

so this is why you've been so busy...very cute bags.