Eat Your Heart Out, BB!

For some reason, Bdog's absence has been real hard on me this time around. Probably because he's having an extended stay in NYC and I'm jealous. Especially when he calls to say, "Hey! Remember Ben's Pizza? Like, your favorite pizza in the world? Well, I'm there right now!" Any time at all in NYC is wonderful, even when you're working your booty off and missing your family. Am I right, sisters? Can I get an "AMEN!" Yes, I'm missing him and he will likely say that it's because of his new haircut and I "can't keep my hands off him". But really, I just love going to Mother Hips' shows with him. So to make myself feel better, I noted some things that HE is missing out on. Like:

Miss Katie's music program at school - where she wouldn't look at me at ALL or smile:

And they sang this totally funny song called "Tony Chestnut Knows I Love You". Never had heard that one before and I LOVE IT!

Baby Connor's first haircut - which gave him a bit of a froggy face but I'm gonna make out with him regardless:

And quality time and a fantastic dinner with my sister wife and our polygamist husband - to whom Bdog hopes to become wife #3:

Is there a Vannucci in this world that can take a pic without a scary face? Hope not.

AND - Baby Connor & I are going to New Mexico next weekend with Elin & Danny to visit Brian & Kelli. FUN TIMES FOR MOMMY!!!

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Shenay said...

Baby Conner is so yummy.

Since absence makes the heart grow fonder think of how exciting B-dog's homecoming will be.