I realized I haven't made any posts dedicated to poop or pee in a while. So, I'm overdue. This may be a post for The Uncool, but whatevs...

I witnessed something amazing last night. As I was working in the office at around midnight, Katie came downstairs and just stood on the bottom stair. She was whimpering a little, so I went to see what was wrong. She was just standing there with only a shirt on. No pants, no undies, just her jammie shirt. I asked her what was up and she just stared blankly at me. She was totally asleep. I asked if she needed to go potty, but she didn't respond. She then walked over to the mudroom where all the shoes are kept, and totally started looking around like she was trying to find her shoes. I was totally cracking up and asked her over and over what she was doing but she was SO out of it. I took her back upstairs, got her dressed and back into her bed. Then I saw the bathroom. She had totally gone peeps with the toilet lid closed! There was a giant puddle and waterfall happening on the toilet. There was even a big wad of toilet paper sitting on the lid as she had wiped when she was done and left it there. I'm sure she assumed it had just dropped into the bowl. The bowl that was closed that she had just peed all over. It was awesome. She has no recollection of this happening.

About 7 hours later when Connor woke up. I changed his stinky diaper and it was about 90% kiwi seeds. For some reason that really made me laugh. Then this afternoon, when I could hear him waking up from his nap, I walked down the hall towards his room and could TOTALLY smell his poopy diaper from behind his closed bedroom door. OHHH YUM. And again, it was about 90% kiwi seeds. Somehow not as funny the second time around.

Also, I'm not totally sure if I brushed my teeth this morning. I did this afternoon, but only 'cause they were feeling particularly reasty. And I thought, "Why do my teeth feel so grungy?" So I tried to picture myself brushing them this morning and I can't. Extra YUM!


jera and shay and carmen said...

That story is totally funny. Kids are great for that.

Also, the word "reasty" is gross and also fantastic at the same time.

Shenay said...

Great story. My kids have done similar things, but they have no excuse b/c they were awake at the time. I've been there done that w/the kiwi seeds.

Linda Dickinson said...

Poor Katie...Emma did that a few months ago (mind you she is 10). We saw her walk in the kitchen in a daze at 11pm and we followed her. Then she began to pull her panties down & squat. Mike and I both started to scream "NO...STOP!" but it was useless. Man...that was a nasty clean up on tile (no absorption) HAHA! So you can tell Katie that little ditty to make her feel better....If you ever tell her I told you I'll deny it to my death!LINDA