I'm sorry if you don't have a friend like hot neighbor Michelle. Everything she makes is amazing. I've never had someone give me neighbor gifts for Christmas like her gifts. Remember this? And this? Yeah, she's creative and crafty like that. And she was sneaky and printed out some pictures of our crew and magically put them on these rad blocks with all kinds of texture and goodness on them for Christmas. I LOVE them.

And you must also know, that Michelle knits like nobody's biz. She is making hats, headbands, flower clips, headbands, baby hats and probably a million other awesome things. You can buy them. They are custom and they are AWESOME. See them HERE. Must. Have. Flower. Clippy. Look at them!!!


k+m said...

you are way too good to me. love you.

Vanessa Contessa said...

I seriously heart those blocks. Tell your hot neighbor she needs to give me a tutorial!