Lola Needs A Home

We've had a foster child for the last week and we're in love with her. Sadly, she can't stay. I'm super allergic to her and Baby Connor can't keep his hands out of her litter box. eww!! She is the most amazing cat EVER. She's totally house trained. No accidents. No scratching or biting. Total cuddling and cuteness all day, everyday. She's gorgeous. You can hold her like a baby. She's not bugged by kids tossing her around. She's quiet. She's soft. She's clean. I'm telling you Internet, she's AMAZING. Don't you want her? She needs a permanent home!!

Bdog brings her to bed with him...for real...

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Anonymous said...

Totally interested in the cat. SO cute and my kids have been buggin me since we moved here to get one. Call me: 801-216-4904