Year Of The Trees

Here are some highlights from the last month...

CD release party at Velour:

Another CD release party at Graywhale:

Complete with groupies:

And fans waiting for autographs:

Radio interviews at 91X in San Diego:

p.s. these guys are FUNNY!

And at KROQ:

Backstage at Jimmy Kimmel...the dressing room:

The cupcakes:

Bdog getting in 'the zone' for his first TV appearance:

p.s. can you tell they wouldn't let real cameras on the set? Lame!

Opening night of the tour with 30 Seconds To Mars in LV:

Awesome view from our condo at The Palms:

And my hot boyfriend:

It's been a busy month, a lot of traveling, but so worth it.


jamieBEE said...

You guys are RADICAL!!! Real live Rock Stars!

justin said...

man. this is how i'm going to have to connect with you. on your blog. awesome. it is pretty cool though for you to bring us on the journey with you guys. i'll take what i can get