Broken Bells

If you don't know what Broken Bells is, it's the new project by James Mercer and Danger Mouse. And if you don't know who James Mercer is, he's the singer from The Shins. And if you don't know who The Shins are, you've been living under a rock. Just kidding. You're not living under a rock. But the album is fantastic. I really love it and it's on heavy rotation over here. (It must be something to get Habits out of the disc player.) I'd like to say that it's great, but not as great as The Shins, only because The Shins hold a special place in my heart since a sweet high school friend, Marty Crandall, played bass for them. But I can't. I think it's even more awesome than any Shins record, and you might too.


LTD in Las Vegas said...

Is that the Marty I am thinking it is?? Thanks for keeping us ol' farts still in the mix...(;

Julie said...

It is good. David's friend from back home is touring with them...Nik Freitas (he plays keys, guitar, and backup vocals for them). He actually played drums in David's 1st band!