Keep Your Feet On The Ground And Keep Reaching For The Stars

Animal will be on America's Weekly Top 40 starting this Saturday or possible next. You know, the show that Casey Kasem used to host, but now it's Ryan Seacrest. Yeah, that show we all listened to growing up. The one I listened to on Saturday mornings waiting to hear a Michael Jackson song so I could record it onto tape. That one.


Jen and Marty said...

How GREAT! We went to Lagoon twice last week and I heard Neon Trees playing over the park speakers both times! Then last night I was reading through that Stephanie Nielson blog (nienie) and she talked about them on her post...check it out if you haven't. Plus, obviously, I hear them on the radio all the time. You must be so thrilled about it! But seriously, before the summer is gone, can we play???

Sally DeFord said...

We heard animal on the radio while we were traveling and in Burger King. It was pretty exciting.

Evie B. said...

And lets not forget hearing it on an episode of 'The Hills' :)