Merry Christmas To Me, From Paul Banks

Over the last 10 days I have LITERALLY watched over 20 hours of Interpol performances on YouTube. Yeah, that's a little obsessive. But I'm like that about music and you already knew that. I have a lot to say about Interpol, too much to blog about (yes, I still stick to my rule of never spending more than 10 minutes on a post).

So when I woke up this morning and Bdog read me a press release about all the west coast dates they added to their tour, it felt like 5 big Christmas presents. I've been lamenting about their fall tour...all East coast and Europe. I felt seriously shafted. So now I am rejoicing and trying to decide who we will call to cash in some favors.

Enjoy a couple of my top 20 Interpol performances...you're gonna have to cover your ears once on Specialist though.

God bless all of Paul's moles and his little white Adidas. Amen.

And here's a link to a GREAT performance of Rest My Chemistry. At the beginning, it looks like it's going to be crappy video, but it's not.

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Jessica said...

Oh Interpol. They always remind me of my first trip to NYC for Jamie's 30th birthday. Incredible memories.