Bridge Academy of Art

By now everyone in the world knows about our brother from another mother, Bustin (Justin Taylor, artist extraordinaire). You can read about Bustin on our blog here, here, or here. Everyone knows Bustin is the bomb.com when it comes to painting. But did you know that Bustin had a baby? (Along with his homies Jeff Hein, Ben Mcpherson and Sean Diediker.) It's called The Bridge Academy of Art and you can read more about it in this article. Tonight they're having an opening reception for the school and you should go...cause I'm bringin' cupcakes. Here are the deets:

Bridge Academy of Art - 146 W 600 S - Provo, Ut - Open house Oct. 9 - 7:00 p.m.

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Kaerlig said...

I'm sorry I didn't make it. It was hard night and I couldn't get away and lost energy to bring all the kids. Hope it went well and the cupcakes were oogled over.