Neon Trees

Here is the info for this week's shows:

Thurs. Oct. 30th
The Trapp Door (Yes, it's a gay bar. And yes, it's fabulous.)
9:30 p.m.

Fri. Oct. 31st
Halloween at The Riverwoods (Inside the Magelby's Oyster Bar)
9:30 p.m.

And I had to post my favorite pictures from last Monday's show. Here's the scene outside the House of Blues after the show where people were lined up for an hour just to get autographs and pictures with Neon Trees. It was very surreal and funny to me. So I had to take pictures of all the people taking pictures. They made a lot of new, devoted fans that night. Good times.


LTD in Las Vegas said...

It is great to see the hard work start to pay off for their band & Brando begin to get recognized for the talent he has....been a long road since Summer's Eve in the 90s...& I forget the 1st name b4 that...something unusual.

Shenay said...

You're totally married to a rock star. Rock on!

Kaerlig said...

Are you ready for it?