More rock conversations...

Here are my 2 favorite Katie quotes from the last week:

Mom: "Katie, daddy has a show in Las Vegas Monday night. Do you want to go to the show, or do you want to stay at grandma & grandpa's with a babysitter?

Katie: "I'll stay with the babysitter."

Mom: "Are you sure? He's playing with Ronnie, and The Killers."

Katie (excitedly): "O.K. Yes. I want to go to the show."

Here's an excerpt from our "playing house" session the other day...

Katie: "And, so...pretend I was a rock star."

Mom: "Like daddy!"

Katie: "No."

Mom: "Like Hannah Montana!"

Katie: "No, mom. More rock star than that!"


Julie said...

SO I was on my friend's blog and she blogged a video that her cousin just filmed...and it was The Killers! They are awesome! So go to my blog and click on Todd and Jane to see it. Anyway..just a little FYI

Paris-family said...

you must be sooo proud!!! :) So...how was the show in Vegas???