Another Dream

I don't know why I've had 2 celeb dreams 2 nights in a row. Big Connor (a.k.a. The Unc) says this is the house of weird dreams 'cause he's been having them too since he moved in.

On with the show....

So, last night I dreamed that my little family and I were staying in a huge, fancy mansion with a bunch of other peeps, most of whom were family. The Daines' were there. And so was Jack Black. And Brandon Flowers.

J.B. was doing some sort of appearance wherever we were, and stayed with us in the mansion. So, the night we were there, I took Baby Connor (who was a 2 week old newborn) into Jack's room so we could chit-chat in his bed in our pajamas. We talked about Neon Trees, about us being total Mormons, about how awesome I loved him in The Cable Guy, and other fun stuff.

B-Flow was there to be our family chef. He made huge, gourmet burgers that night, but for some reason they were all gone when I came down to eat. He was in a good mood and feeling very generous, so he gave me his burger. Then he gave me a pep-talk on what a strong, intelligent person I am and how I should demand the things I want out of life. (Should I tell him about this when I see him Saturday night?) It was weird. And awesome.


Shenay said...

Thanks for sharing :) 'Tis good to know I'm not the only one w/karazy dreams. Mine are so out of this world that the English language lacks the words to describe. I've always had to keep my dreams to myself for this reason.

Vicki said...

Glad the Daines' made it in your dream.

Liz Canaan Roberts said...

i dub this the Birthday Dream. and i want some cake.

happy birthday, btw.

i wanted you to notice me & think i was special so i opted to post it here instead of fb. i am special.

Linda Dickinson said...

I have often wondered how funny life would be if Jack Black was a part of your family...seriously...I still have dreams that I forget my school locker combo at Bonanaza & I can't get to class- LAME!