Miss Katie

I had to do a quick shoot with Katie before her two front teeth fall out. I forgot how much I love shooting her. She's SO GREAT in front of the camera!

And I REALLY love this shot of her, but truth be told, she's super ticked at me in this picture because I wouldn't let her be done yet...even though we just saw 2 giant black beetles, about 500 grasshoppers (all over her) and a 4 FOOT LONG SNAKE!

Here's the snake. We keep finding snakes where we go!
I love Katie.


Jessica said...

She is so beautiful! I am stunned by how grown up she looks and is! Ugh on the snakes and grasshoppers!

Evie B. said...

Such a babe!

The Pratts said...

I love the grumpy shot - so Katie!

I am so sad - I need you to shoot Harrison before he gets too big to call them his "baby pictures".

You are so talented!