Last night I dreamed that Justin Timberlake lived next door to us with all his little brothers and sisters in a super ghetto shack. Something was happening inside their house and they all had to wear gas masks and chemical-protectant suits or something. J.T. asked me to go in my house and get him a hat and gloves and a bullet-proof vest, which I did, then he was going to try to go inside and help. Problem was, he had a disorder that's like the opposite of agoraphobia and he didn't like to go indoors. Ever. So, he lived underwater in a bath tub in their front yard.

Next thing I know, he's in a convertible shooting a video with a bunch of ladies. One was supposed to be J.Lo, but it was more like an SNL skit where someone was dressed up like her and acting weird and funny. It was very entertaining.

p.s. Remember this dream about J.T.?


Anonymous said...

What are you eating before you go to bed?

Emilie and Branden said...

Nothing special. Usually popcorn.