In case you're not one of the 27,192 that have already ogled my boyfriend on YouTube (or Vevo...whatev) then here you go:

And here are a few show dates coming up:
Jan 14th - Mercury Lounge - NYC
Jan 15th - Velour 4th Ann. - Provo
Jan 20th - Spaceland (Club NME) w/Har Mar Superstar - L.A.
Jan 21st - Rickshaw Stop (PopScene) w/Har Mar... - San Francisco


The Pratts said...

That may be a miscount on actual people who have watched it, because I have watched it about 5 times on my own, then another 4-5 showing it to other people. It is ridiculously awesome!

Heidi said...

AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! That is seriously delicious to my ears! I am so excited for this song to be on my IPod. Thanks for sharing.

Mom said...

if only those 27,000 will buy the CD!!!!
This should be the theme for Twilight!

MaryBeth said...

This makes me happy...I think it's elbow biting time all around.

justin said...

this song is IT. a SUPER HIT. We'll be there tonight. will you?

Shenay said...

So proud!

Liz Canaan Roberts said...