Catch Up

The last couple months are a blur. Here are a few highlights:


Neon Trees in LV at The Hard Rock:

And this girl was really digging it and it was cool, 'til there was some inappropriate touching involved...on her end of course.

And miracle of miracles, MANDY came to a show. And she brought Shea so that was extra awesome:

And they played with Nico Vega which was FANTASTIC. I want to trade singing voices with Aja:

NYC to see my boyfriend and my peeps:

I love Bdog's halo in this pic:

and his rock face in this pic:

Video shoot for 1983:

This is the place:

And finally, Andrea and Baylor's awesome wedding in D.C.:

There was so much grooving and sweet moves happening...it was mind-blowing:


Sally DeFord said...

Love the pics Emilie. You have the gift. Branden is such a rock star. I love it. I really liked the animal video and so do my kids. They want me to always play it again. I hope you guys are well. Miss you.

Mags [Margaret] said...

Loving the variety in this post. I agree with Sally-- you truly have a gift. So good to see some of the highlights of your life lately! Keep rockin' out. PEACE!

Kelley said...

our mutual friend, erin jiles, referred me to you for a photo shoot we'd like to talk to you about. i attempted to access your photography site, but have not be able to on two different occasions. so, here i am on your family blog. don't worry, i won't stalk you.

so, our family reunion is in july and we'd like to talk about having you come and shoot family pics. not sure where exactly we'll be, but we're looking into some places in midway. the date would be saturday, july 31st, afternoon time. let's get in touch and talk details when you have some time.

thank you and i look forward to hearing from you.



Erik Isakson said...

No Way! Andrea got married! That is so great! Looks like you guys have been having fun. Hope to see you sometime when you're traveling thru So.Cal.

Linda Dickinson said...

Wow...busy! The next time you are down let's do something!

Andrea Peterson said...

Erik..."no way"....really? :)

Insurance Mad Man said...

Emilie is the da BOMB!!!!